“In January 2000 I took early retirement from my post as the Press and Public Relations Officer for The Transportation Department, Birmingham City Council – completing 38 years Local Government service.

My intention was to enjoy a pleasant quiet retirement on my local government pension. However as the years went by I felt the need to use my time more productively. In 2012 I came across the website for Susan Powers Creative Consultancy and arranged a meeting with Susan. I subsequently hired Susan’s services and she completely re-energised and focused my life.

I am now developing a second career as a Public Relations Consultant and lecturer in Media Studies.

Susan’s energy, enthusiasm and commitment and the ability to motivate has enabled me to make the most of my skills and to radically transform my life.”


Christopher Maddox D.M.A.

Diploma Municipal Administration


“I always knew that I was responsible for how my life was going but somehow never seemed able to turn things around.

It was the best thing I ever did being referred to you and our time together was just what I needed to help me focus on my life and what I wanted from it.

Will be in touch soon to update you on my progress.

Many many thanks Susan Powers is unique In her methods.”


Russell Tait



“Thank you so much for the make-up advice you gave me.

Also for the interview tips I had two interviews last week and waiting to hear back from them.

I am much more confident during the interviews thanks to your advice and they seemed to go really well.”


Samantha Brooks