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“The secret of a successful sale is the ability to turn a no into a yes.”

Sales Tips

1. Define the market

Before a sales programme can be implemented you need to research your market. Identify your competition and their strengths and weaknesses. Define the geographical area you will target.

2. Strategy

Decide how to sell your products or services, appoint experienced and motivated staff, implement comprehensive product training, set and regularly review sales, and establish daily /weekly reporting from sales staff.

3. Telesales

Recruit experienced telemarketers and implement comprehensive product training. Monitor calls and identify follow up processes.

4. Internet

Recruit a website designer and appoint in-house support staff to manage internet sales and deal with enquiries. Keep it simple and ensure queries and complaints are dealt with promptly.

5. Direct marketing

Appoint an advertising agency. Arrange packing and distribution channels and determine payment processing procedures.

6. Sales support staff

This depends on how much you are selling. How many staff you will need to support sales and systems is very important. Keep track on your customers’ spending habits and build up a good relationship with your customers.

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